What we offer

There is growth of interest from the sides of mass media and governmental organizations. The Exhibition has become an important event in the cultural life of Ulaanbaatar and people are waiting for it, the whole families visit and students take part in all the activities during exhibition days.

Our NGO has bееn а participant of lots of international exhibitions and workshops and we know how the best оnеs аге organized. We have bееn working in our market for 10 years organizing exhibitions and we know the demands of our people and market. Taking into account our experience and the best trends in world exhibition making we are able to create the most favorable conditions for your fruitful work. The visitors has free entrance to the exhibition for 2 days and the number of visitors are increasing year by year.

Provides the most timely and relevant information to guide Mongolian Students in making the right decisions regarding their future careers and education. As you might expect, being an exhibitor at this prestigious event offers you a wealth of advantages such as:

  • Face-to-Face personal access and interaction to all the students, parents and top decisions markers in representatives from all over Mongolia.
  • The opportunity to feature and demonstrate your new perspectives and new programs in a one to one environment.
  • Meet and find local authorized partners and agents.
  • Recruiting students to study at your campus abroad.
  • Access a new market with quality students.
  • Participate in leading education exhibition in Mongolia
  • Most cost-effective means of getting direct access to your target market
  • Build brand awareness, strengthen your brand and engage directly in local market etc…
  • Promote your institute before, during and after the exhibition
  • Publish your message on exhibition catalogue
  • And lot more is waiting for you

Media Exposure to Get the Message Through

The exhibition is the country’s most publicized educational showcase ever since its beginning, 19th International Education Exhibition 2015, Mongolia is no exception. Being the most trusted and acclaimed event, the publicity mechanism shall be extensive and effective with an appropriate blend of the newspaper ads and feature story in the leading print and online media, on-line presence and interviews in the leading portals, news broadcasts in the national and regional TV and radio stations, direct promotions on campus, strategic tie-ups with the top media.

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