Fees and payment

Сбор за участие: 1285 евро

Deadline of Registration: 15 Марта, 2020 г

Cбор за участие в Международной Образовательной Ярмарке включает:

  • Свободный вход на ярмарку для 2-х представителей учебного заведения
  • Стандартный выставочный стенд
  • Трансфер из аэропорта и обратно
  • Все расходы на рекламу
  • Услуги англоговорящего переводчика
  • Информация об учебном заведений на формате А4 в выставочном каталоге ярмарки
  • Рабочая обстановка на стендах: cтол, стулья и розетка
  • Обед на 2х представителей
  • Приглашение для визы при необходиимости
  • За дополнительной информации обращайтесь к нам по электронному адресу: oyunlaguils@gmail.com

Additional services

In order to save time, shipping rate, local tax we offer following services to our exhibitors. If you would like specific formatted brochures, backdrops, banners we can offer you however you must contact us for the prices.

Service Quantity Price Size
Advertising on Exhibition Catalogue 1 full page EUR 300 Height: 297mm; Width: 210mm
Inner back cover/inner front cover on Exhibition Catalogue 1 full page EUR 400 Height: 297mm; Width: 210mm
Outside back cover on Exhibition Catalogue 1 full page EUR 500 Height: 297mm; Width: 210mm
Booth Backdrop 1 EUR 135 Height: 220cm; Width: 290cm
Booth side wall decoration 1 EUR 30 Height 200cm: Width: 97cm
per side participating wall
2 EUR 57
3 EUR 81
4 EUR 90
A4 leaflet - 2 sided; full color 500 pcs EUR 125 Height: 297mm; width: 210mm
1000 pcs EUR 240
1500 pcs EUR 350
A5 leaflet - 2 sided; full color 500 pcs EUR 85 Height: 210mm; width: 148mm
1000 pcs EUR 160
1500 pcs EUR 230
Additional booth assistant 1 EUR 50 -

Advertising on Exhibition Catalogue – We produce 3000 to 5000 catalogues for visitors and all exhibitors will be listed. However to highlight your organization we give you opportunity to advertise your on full color page.

Booth Backdrop – We can decorate your booths with your chosen design and doing so your booths will have an outstanding look and more professional. (material type: fabric)

Booth side wall decoration – Instead of carrying heavy roll banners you have option to hang it on walls. Just need to send us the design so we can make it look tidy and more spacious. There 2 side walls each consists of 2pcs of 1meter panel. (material type: fabric)

A4/A5 leaflet - 2 sided; full color – Sending brochures and leaflets can be time consuming and expensive due to the customs duty and shipment charges. By choosing this service you will just have send us the design and it will be ready when you arrive. If you have any specific design or other formats contact us for the quotation.

Additional booth assistant – Each booth will have one chosen language speaking assistant, however if you would like more assistant we can provide them for you. You must specify the language of the assistant otherwise it will be English.

For additional service please contact us directly oyunlaguils@gmail.com

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