• If I need invitation letter for visa issuance do your organization provide invitation letter?
  • Yes, we send Visa Invitation Letter if you require. 
    ***Note: Mongolian visa is not required for the citizens of some foreign countries and regions to visit Mongolia on basis of the passport type, purpose and duration of the visit in accordance with the Bilateral Agreement of Mongolia with those countries. Please see the list of countries here.
  • What is the deadline for the payment?
  • Payment deadline of the exhibition is 4 weeks prior to the exhibition date.
  • Do I need to book hotels myself or you will be assisting me with hotel booking?
  • We can assist on hotel booking.
  • Do you provide pick-up service from the airport?
  • Yes, we provide airport pick-up services for the participants of the exhibition.
  • Do I need to pay for the interpreter?
  • No, interpreter wages are included in the registration fee.
  • How many visitors visit during the two exhibition days?
  • 3000-5000 visitors visited in our previous exhibitions.
  • What should I consider when sending parcels for the exhibition?
  • You should write ‘NO COMMERCIAL USE’ on the boxes to avoid excessive customs duty.
  • What is the size of exhibition booth for one institution?
  • Size of exhibition booth for one institution is 3m*2m*2.6m.(length*width*height)
  • What is provided with the exhibition booth for one institution?
  • Exhibition booth is furnished with Table, chairs, front hanging banner with institute name and logo.

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