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The Oyunlag-Uils Intellectual Development Support Association, the main organizer of Mongolia Education Expo, was established 2004, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization to assist Mongolian youth to become valuable and active members of society, by providing social, educational, cultural activities. Since the late nineties the authorities endeavor to reform and reorganize our educational system to meet the requirements of modern market economy. We organize various kinds of events such as conferences, seminars and international education fairs. It conducts its operations under the regulation and law of Mongolia.

Founder: Mr. Chimedtseren Davaajav
who speaks German and English
Head: Mr. Agar Davaajav
who speaks English and Hungarian

Mobile: +976 9912 2222
Coordinator: Mrs. Chimgee Jigmeddorj
who speaks English
Mobile: +976 
9920 3094
Coordinator: Mr. Molor Amindavaa
who speaks English

Mobile: +976 8875 9595
Coordinator: Ms. Uyanga Batsukh
who speaks English

Mobile: +976 9920 3094
IT: Mr. Bat-Orshikh Batchuluun
Email: orshikh.b {at} gmail {dot} com

Mongolian Education Expo organized by OYUNLAG-UILS NGO, is leading international student recruitment event in Mongolia, and enables quality education providers to meet students in person.

International Education Exhibition Mongolia

This event has been held twice in a year since 2005 and we have organized education expo more than 20 times, which guarantees our professionalism and experience in education exhibition market. It brings together education providers from all over the world and local students who want to study abroad. It is a focused forum where you can meet quality student and; or their parents directly in one-to-one meetings for the better results and decisions.

This event enables education providers to enter new market and recruit more students. In the other side, education seekers could have more choices and information about international education providers.

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